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So, let’s get started Ubuntu Vmware Image For MacMac Os For Vmware DownloadDownloading Ubuntu ISO Image:To run Ubuntu Desktop on VMware Workstation software, you’ll have to first create a guest machine.

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This should open the guest machine creation wizard Use the screenshots below to help.. Now, click on the Ubuntu version that you want to download I will download the Ubuntu 18.. I will give the virtual machine a 20GB virtual hard disk Now, for better performance, select Store virtual disk as a single file and click on Next.

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Once you’re done, click on Next Now, type in a name for the virtual machine You may also type in a path or select a directory where the virtual machine data will be saved.. ) First visit the official website of Ubuntu from your favorite web browser Once the page loads, click on Download.. In this article, I am going to show you how to install Ubuntu in VMware Workstation Virtual Machine.. Creating a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine:Once the Ubuntu ISO file is downloaded, open VMware Workstation and click on File > New Virtual Machine…New Virtual Machine Wizard window should be displayed. Vms Cctv Software Download For Mac

ubuntu vmware tools

Now, click on Finish A new virtual machine should be created Now, click on the newly created virtual machine from the library panel to open it.. Now, select Typical (recommended) and click on Next Now, select I will install the operating system later and click on Next.. Select a directory where you want to save the Ubuntu ISO file and click on Save.. Now, go to VM > Settings Now, go to CD/DVD settings and select Use ISO image file.. Follow the guide below to create a Ubuntu desktop guest machine To do that, click File – New Virtual Machine from VMware Host software.

ubuntu vmware shared folder

Now, you have to select the operating system that you will be installing on the virtual machine.. Once you’re done, click on Next Now, type in the size of the virtual hard disk in GB (gigabyte).. Select Linux from the Guest operating system section and Ubuntu 64-bit from the Version section.. Your browser should start downloading the Ubuntu ISO file It may take a while to complete.. Now, click on Browse A file picker should be opened Now, select the Ubuntu ISO file that you’ve downloaded and click on Open.. Ubuntu should be running smoothly on the virtual machine Installing Open VM Tools on Ubuntu VMware Virtual Machine: Now, you should install Open VM Tools on the Ubuntu VM for improved performance and features (such as clipboard sharing, auto guest resizing, better graphics support etc. e828bfe731